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Handmade rugs
Discover the warmth and richness of a handmade rug at our showroom. We have a vast collection of colours and sizes that are sure to capture your imagination. Available in both traditional and modern designs. See in store for details.

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Area rugs
We have thousands of machine-made area rugs to choose from in both traditional and modern styles. We have standard and custom sizes available in numerous materials. The following is a list of common sizes (measured in feet):

3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x10, 8x11, 9x12, 10x13
Traditional Modern

Available in two standard sizes: 26" wide and 32" wide. A runner can be as long as you want because it can be joined together for a seamless look. Runners can also be made out of broadloom carpet, allowing you the continue the look of one room into a hallway or entryway.


Broadloom carpeting
Broadloom or wall-to-wall carpet is made of one continuous pattern and is available from a standard 12' wide roll.

We have a huge selection of cut pile, loop pile, and cut & loop pile carpets in a wide array of colours and textures to satisfy any home or commercial space.